1. I was lucky enough to go up to Central Mass 4 with my good friends over at Earthwing.This was by far one of my favorite weekends of this summer. We arrived at our hotel motel holiday inn and began shenanigans almost immediately. Your weekend was not complete unless you skated a microwave.

    Check out http://www.wheelbasemag.com/the-2013-central-mass-4/  for some great coverage of the event.

  2. Skate Everything

  3. Max Gnar

  4. Steve Kong

  5. Sisqo singing the “Thong Song”

  6. Max Gnar

  7. Max Gnar and Andriy Dash having some microwave fun


  8. Let the Central Mass 4 race begin

  14. Marcus Bandy making or breaking the shot

  15. Hawk Hands for the win